Shauna Callaghan

shaunaI am a self-taught, experienced web designer & developer – specializing in WordPress website & blog design.  See My Designs by Shauna was started back in 2008, when I left my career in higher education.

I have always had an eye for color and scale and later developed a super nerdy love affair with CSS & PHP.  Majoring in math & marketing in college likely helped out quite a bit with this career choice.   All of that being said, I have a gift of making things beautiful on the internet!

Every site that I build is done on a self-hosted WordPress platform.  It is important to me that you have a website that is easy to use & change on your own!  I have complete faith that you will love using WordPress for your website or blog.

I have a reputation for being quick to respond, reliable & easy-going.   I believe that each project should be more about my client than my personal tastes.  This mentality allows me to create a large variety of websites & keep my precious feelings out of the process.  I place my integrity at the core of my business & you can have complete confidence that I will follow through in a timely, confidential & enthusiastic manner.

When I’m not at my desk, you can find me:

Following hard after Jesus, dating my husband of 12 years, hanging with my amazing kids, doing yoga, kissing my babies faces, vacationing with friends, drinking wine, enjoying beautiful friendships, serving in my amazing church, on a beach in Cape Cod, listening to great music with my man, rearranging my living room, making dinner, doing laundry, dishes (OK, this just turned an ugly corner)…

I am honored that you are considering me for your project.