On Blogger to WordPress Migration
I have been stressing out over this for about a year now, but you made it SO simple!
Kate from See Kate Sew

Shauna was such a pleasure and a delight to work with. She answered emails from me in a timely manner and was finished with my blog design very quickly. She made changes that I requested with no fuss at all! I would definitely work with her again.
Stephanie @ Military Travel Mama.com

Shauna is the BEST of the BEST. I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience working with her, and her work. One would simply be silly NOT to use her.
Angie Lee @ Seven Clown Circus

Valerie Smith @ Westport Invitations

Shauna completely revamped our website and migrated it to WordPress. She is wonderful to work with, solution orientated, and is a great designer. We couldn’t be happier!

– Tree @ Sprinter Life

“You are amazing to work with. Thank you for sharing your creativity and time with me. You create space for my art to happen, and for that I can’t say thank you enough.”
– Amber @ TheRunAMuck

“Her expertise in design work is obvious, but her wisdom in helping her customers scope out their projects and get realistic about what is do-able vs not worth it is what makes her a true professional. I’m convinced that other designers would’ve taken advantage of our uncertainty and expanded our scope to fill their pockets.”
-Kris @ Outsiders Racing

I’m so, so, so grateful for your help and hard work on this site, Shauna. It’s always a gift and a privilege to work with you on projects. Can’t wait for the next one!
– Nish @ The Outdoor Wife

Shauna was a consummate professional and a joy to work with on this project. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to design a blog-based website.
– Cynthia @ Gangway Advertising

I don’t have as much time as I would like to devote to Soc Media 101 anymore, but I can’t give it up because I love the design Shauna made so much. It’s playful and quirky and everything we wanted from this site.

Shauna is a joy to work with and I have recommended several friends who have also been delighted with her work. She’s accessible and knowledgable and patient.

I can’t speak highly enough of her as a person and a designer. In fact, I hope to get the chance to work with her again at some point.

– Ron @ SocMedia101

I can’t thank you enough for taking me from scrapbook to chic! I couldn’t be more excited. You understood EXACTLY what I was looking for, and made it happen.

Thanks for working through the kinks and being so great to work with. Love it.

– Lyndsey @ Law of Fashion